T E A C H I N G:



For six years, I worked with New Mexico based artist, Ann Dunbar, to develop and teach the seventh grade art curriculum at Bosque School. My only regret from this time is not taking more photos! The following is the introduction from our shared syllabus:

"The seventh grade art program celebrates individuality while challenging students to solve problems with creativity and joy.  Throughout the year, students work in a supportive environment where they learn to share ideas, take risks, and express themselves to their fullest potential.  From drawing and painting to sculpture and printmaking, seventh graders continue to build technical and conceptual skills in a variety of media.  

Increasing students’ awareness of their place within the global community is emphasized through the ongoing study of social justice issues, “folk” and “outsider” art, as well as non-traditional approaches to art-making from around the globe.  Finally, each project is presented as it relates to contemporary artists and/or movements in art history.  As a result, students learn ways to critically analyze images, thus increasing their knowledge of the diverse and ever-changing visual world that surrounds them."

See examples of student work and project descriptions below: